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Raising Aspiration, Raising Achievement



To be a family of professional and aspirational academies, where children are valued, inspired and confident.

To share a relentless determination that every child can achieve and no child is left behind.



Children, staff and families are at the heart of everything we do. 

High expectations for all, in all we do. 

Improvement through professional partnership and collaboration 

Outcome driven practice informed by reflection, analysis and research.


Elevate Multi Academy Trust policies are circulated to all Head Teachers and Academy office staff.  Should you need further copies, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Dianne Mousley, Compliance Officer for Elevate Multi Academy Trust by email:

Elevate Multi Academy Trust regularly review both statutory policies and non-statutory policies either annually, bi-annually or three yearly.  In addition to the annual review process, the Trust welcomes feedback from their Academies, therefore some policies may reviewed mid-year.  It is for this reason that Elevate Multi Academy Trust take the view that all Trust policies are live working documents and as such may be updated at any time.



Notice is hereby given of the Annual General Meeting of Elevate Multi Academy Trust.

 Date:  Tuesday 18th December 2018

Time:  6.30 pm

Venue:  Meadowside Academy

 For the purposes of considering the transaction of the following business:

To consider and, if thought fit, to pass the following resolutions, with those numbered 4,7 and 8 being proposed as Ordinary Resolutions.

 For Ordinary Resolutions to be passed, more than half of the votes cast must be in favour of the resolution, whilst in the case of Special Resolutions at least three quarters of the votes cast must be in favour.

Members:  A Member is entitled to appoint a proxy to attend the meeting in their absence and vote on their behalf (see attached form). Article 36, of the Articles of Association, provides that voting at General Meetings should occur on a show of hands and each Member present, by person or by proxy, shall have one vote. 

  1. To confirm the appointment of Rev Nigel Sinclair as Chair
  2. Opening remarks/welcome
  3. Apologies
  4. To approve the minutes of the AGM 14thDecember 2017 
  5. To ratify the appointment of Graham Shaw as a Trustee 
  6. To receive, consider and adopt Elevate's annual accounts for the financial year ended 31 August 2018, together with the Trustees' report and auditor's report on those accounts 
  7. Diocese: Annual Report to Members

               Annual Distinctiveness Report

  1. Member proposed resolutions 
  2. Any other business


Data Protection and the GDPR: Privacy notices

Elevate Multi Academy Trust values the data their Academies hold on children, parents, employees and contractors and ensures their Academies maintain secure procedures so that this data is held safely.

Each Academy has their own personal privacy notice which can be found on their respective website.

Statutory policies relating to GDPR can be found on Elevate's website.

All computer users have individual login AND passwords to identify users and ensure no-one else is able to access their data.

We employ up-to-date anti-virus and anti malware firewalls.

Whilst Elevate's website is held and managed through the internet, no sensitive data is ever uploaded to it and we respond quickly and effectively to any requests to correct or remove content when appropriate.

GDPR staff training

All Elevate staff are being trained in their rights and responsibilities under the new General Data Protection regulations through one-to-one conversations and group training. This will be an on going and regular process.




  In partnership with the Diocese of Leeds and the Diocese of York  York




Registered office: Meadowside Academy, Halfpenny lane, Knaresborough,

 North Yorkshire HG5 0SL.

Company Number: 10814201

Chair of Trustees: